Midnight is Just the Beginning | Disney’s Cinderella 2015

When I see a Disney movie, I look for that classic “magic” feeling; it’s the kind of feeling which makes you forget reality, time, and space for a little while. It’s the kind of feeling which causes you to lose inhibition and allow yourself to be fully, completely, and wonderfully you.

With Cinderella, I found that feeling.

I’ve grown up loving this fairy tale, and I know it well. However, watching the new Cinderella movie was like experiencing the story for the first time all over again. I found myself on several occasions staring at the screen in awe, my heart pounding, tears in my eyes, and thinking “how can one person be so joyful while she endures so much suffering?”

My heart was filled with inspiration and I saw Ella’s character as someone entirely new. She was strong, but not stoic; kind, but not a weakling; beautiful, but entirely natural. She is a girl with whom I can relate, along with many other girls all across the world. Sure, I do not have a wicked stepmother who treats me like the dirt beneath her feet. I do not have morally unsound stepsisters who disregard my humanity. I have not tragically lost my mother and father (I thank God each day for keeping my wonderful parents in my life), I do not slave over housekeeping day in and day out, and I do not live in the dusty attic of my own home. However, I have experienced suffering. I have experienced sadness. I have experienced despair and tears and heartbreak. Much like Ella, though, I have not let it break me. I have come close to not being able to believe anymore–but I have held on to my faith and my optimism and Ella is an inspiration to continue holding on and persevering in positivity.

The most incredible thing about this film was that it expressed the importance of finding magic in the ordinary. While we cannot all have fairy godmothers to come rescue us just when things seem the most bleak, we can have the wishfulness and joy which Ella possessed. The definition of joy is not being happy because everything in your life is perfect. Joy means reflecting the confidence that, ultimately, everything is going to be alright. Oddly enough, this is a rather Christian ideal which the film Cinderella portrayed. (Christian themes were actually rather prominent in this movie and there were many symbolisms and allegories found. I actually believe that if this were a Christian movie, Ella would totes be a Saint. That’s a topic for a whole new post entirely, though!)

I have hardly scratched the surface of all I have to say about this movie but long story short, I loved it. I loved every moment of it. The colors, the cinematography, the costumes, the terrain and houses, the golden carriage (which I have been blessed enough to see in person and, let me tell you, IT’S FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL), the acting, the story line, the music, and…of course… Prince Kit. Man oh man, I do love Prince Kit!

All in all, I give Cinderella two thumbs waaaaay way up. This film captured my heart. Always remember, who you are is enough. You are stronger than you think you are. A little compassion goes a long way. You deserve real love. And above all…

Have courage and be kind.